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Complexity and the Philippine Society

Complexity is a very open and engaging field. I am quite hopeful that in the near future, scientists and social scientists of our nation would collaborate and reduce the gap between the “hard” and “soft” sciences, pushing push for more grounded and well thought out policies, taking advantage of what we know about Complexity.

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Agent-based modeling of urban complexity

In this article, Dr. Monterola and Dr. Legara explain why cities like Singapore should be understood as complex systems, and how we can better understand cities through agent-based models. – Assoc. Prof. Cheong Siew Ann

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MSDS 2019 DMW Final Projects

On Monday, 30 July 2018, the Asian Institute of Management’s Master of Science in Data Science 2019 students will be presenting their final projects under the Data Mining and Wrangling (DMW) class. Here’s the list of final projects.

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Thinking through pyramid-like business schemes

As the cliché goes, “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is,” especially when it comes to money and business. #multilevelmarketing #mlm #pyramiding

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Earthquake Maps in R

Publishing on GitHub the R code I wrote to visualize an earthquake map, particularly focusing on the disaster event that hit the island province Bohol in 2013.

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DS Specialization Course Projects

R Markdown documents written as requirements for some of the courses in Coursera’s Data Science Specialization programme.

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Stocks in Focus: DNL, FNI, VITA, BLOOM, LPZ

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Building Financial Networks

I have been receiving requests to release the Python code I wrote to produce the financial network discussed in my previous post titled PSE Correlation-Based Network. Well, here it is! 🙂

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PSE Correlation-Based Network

In this blog post, I explore the use of networks (minimum spanning trees), as presented by Bonanno et al. in 2003, to quantify relationships of assets listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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Hypothetical Taxi Movements in MMla

Metro Manila, Philippines. Generating and visualising a day’s worth of synthetic taxi data.

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