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Hello. This is officially my first post.

In 2010, I made a life-changing leap and started investing my money in the Philippine market by trading stocks. I have survived and made significant gains in my first two years in the market because of our small traders/speculators-friends-only club back in UP (Y/E profit 2010: 80%, 2011:  70%). Last week, I just moved to Singapore. Thank God for the internet, I am still in touch with our tiny club of amateur traders AND speculators, with my friends.

Things are a bit laggard for me here in the Lion City since my arrival. Last night, out of the blue, I decided to practice reading charts and learn a few statistical tools. Then, I decided to start a blog. 🙂

Where to begin…

Currently, my portfolio is SUPER undiversified. I have LC, MA/B, and ORE. I will start with them.



According to the chart, looking at the Ichimoku cloud, ORE is in a medium bullish trend. The price action has been above the cloud. The Chikou span is both above the price action and above the cloud. Plus, the Tenkan crossover underneath Kijun occurred within cloud. The RSI is at 83% — above the overbought level. Although, there is no evidence of a bearish divergence when comparing the new high against the previous one.


Moreover, the MACD shows a sustained uptrend, with no recent cross-over between the MACD and the 9-day EMA. For short-term, resistance is at 5.85/sh while support can be found 5.43/sh.


LC is one of my favorite stocks. My first acquaintance with it was in November 2010 and requested for more during the SRO in December 2010.


And the rest is history. Here is the present.


LC seems to have a bearish trend. I’m not very happy about this (short-term) because bulk of my portfolio is LC. However, I am still holding and might accumulate some more given its fundamentals. Anyway, the Kijun-sen has crossed-over the Tenkan-sen, plus the cloud has turned red. The price action is also getting inside the cloud. Also, the Chikou span is within the price action. LC is in a bearish trend if we are to base it in the Ichimoku cloud analysis. In terms of MACD, the same. It’s going downward and is about to cross the center line. Furthermore, the 9-day EMA is now above the MACD. RSI is 33%. There is also a hint of bearish divergence (indicates weakness of uptrend in the last weeks of December 2011) with the RSI having a lower new high, with the almost the same high in the prices (Dec 05 and Jan 12). First support is at 1.62/sh. If it plunges further down, next support is at 1.56/sh.

For the fundamentals, please check the following links:

That’s all for now. I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m still in bed. Feel free to comment and correct my errors. I’m here blogging to learn.


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