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The Philippine Market

A few weeks ago, some time in February, I gave an investment talk to a few OFWs here in Singapore. The gathering was held in the condo-unit of one of my friends here in SG. It was a very exciting, engaging, and fulfilling get-together. I talked about the value of investing and the various types of investment vehicles. I hope to give the same talk to some more OFWs here, the friends of my friends. The timing couldn’t be any better because the fundamentals of the Philippine economy has never been this strong.

I wrote about my presentation on investing because all the participants have finally opened their first trading accounts. 🙂 I received SMS from all of them yesterday asking for the next step. I’m super excited for them but a bit anxious at the same time because they have decided to invest in the stock market, hehe. I mean, there are the different MF programs out there that are less risky. Anyway, the idea is (and this is what I told them) to not put ALL their eggs in one basket. Cliché, I know, but I’m really hoping they got the message. 🙂 My only rule is this (at least for newbies in the trade): only put the amount you are willing to lose — this is what I told myself last 2010, what I told my Dad, my aunts, and my friends back in UP whom I have also convinced to experience stock trading in the PSE.

Earlier, I received an email from the PSE, Inc. inviting me to attend the PSE-Bloomberg Conference that is going to happen here in Singapore on Thursday. Although the event is free of charge, it is by invitation only. I will try to gulp down whatever it is that will be discussed in the said conference; and, I will definitely share in this blog whatever it is that I can share.

The Philippines’ fundamentals remain solid, with progress toward investment-grade status noting economic reforms, improved governance and increased investment. The country’s growth drivers have become more diversified across industries, spanning from services (53% of GDP), industry(30%) and agriculture(10%). The government is working to attract investment in roads, railways and ports as a means of lifting the country’s growth potential to as much as eight percent. – PSE-Bloomberg

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