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Leveling Up

In Mr. Hans Sicat’s presentation last March 15 at the Bloomberg LP, he mentioned that the PSE’s strategic agenda can be summed up in two words: LEVEL UP, i.e.,

  • List more companies and securities.
  • Expand and educate the investor base.
  • Value and enforce corporate governance standards.
  • Enhance shareholder value.
  • Launch new products and services.
  • Upgrade market infrastructure and human resources.
  • Partner with government and other stakeholders.

Besides, this year marks the final year of implementation of these agenda. He also highlighted some milestones that were achieved in 2011: Rule Amendments, Market Education Initiatives, Improved Governance, and of course, Increased Trading Activity. Awesome job, PSE!

E with Mr. Hans Sicat, President and CEO of the Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc. (PSE) at the PSE-Bloomberg hosted road show in SG.

I believe that it is also important to highlight that the average daily trading has increased by as much as 15.5% in 2011 (from 2010). Moreover, I read a news clip on the PSE (source: Technistock) that says “higher trading activity and record capital raising levels boosted the revenues of the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) in 2011 by nearly, 10 percent.” With these information, I am thinking that the PSE (stock) might be worth a look. šŸ™‚

Anyway, the PSEi closed at 5,102.24 today, down by around 0.48%. I have been expecting this and I believe that this is just a healthy consolidation, nothing to worry about. When I was at the PSE-Bloomberg road show, I was very much convinced that every one in the forum agrees on one thing: that the growth of the Philippine economy is sustainable. The panelists in the open forum were:

  • Lian Chia Liang, Head of Investment Management, Asia of Western Asset Management
  • David G. Fernandez, Managing Director of JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Edward Lee Wee Kok, Regional Head of Research, SEA of Standard Chartered Bank
  • Tamara Henderson, PhD Economist in Bloomberg L.P.

Err.. Some details. My portfolio still has not changed, with ORE as its top gainer. I plan to diversify soon though because I’m fully invested in the Mining and Oil sector alone! I mean, with the PSE’s very bright future ahead, I suppose that it’s time for me to reconsider some blue chips. Now, in terms of fundamentals and the amount of money I’m playing with, I have my eyes set on MPI and DMC and PGOLD. A friend also pointed out that PCOR has been lagging behind. True. It does have a substantial potential at its current level.

Anyway, everything within my radar looks so darn attractive! šŸ™‚ I’m just painstakingly waiting for them to reach comfortable entry levels. I need to research some more though — fundamentals first before the technicals.

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