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A Brief History: Broker Transactions

Last night, I suddenly had the impulse to look into the historical transactions made by the top ranking trading participants of the PSE, namely:

  1. Deutsche Regis Partners, Inc. (209)
  2. Maybank ATR Kimeng Securities, Inc. (220)
  3. UBS Securities Philippines, Inc. (333)
  4. CLSA Philippines, Inc. (323)
  5. Macquarie Capital Securities Philippines, Inc. (121)

Since the bulk of the story of our fellow traders in the past week revolved around: PX, PXP, and OV, to name a few, I couldn’t help but notice Broker 121; and thought, “how about the others?”

Below is a snapshot of some of the notable (i.e. I find interesting) transactions that I have collated that were executed yesterday (April 30, 2012), focusing only on the stocks I follow.

Filtered Broker Transactions executed on April 30, 2012

On the other hand, below is a snapshot of some of the notable transactions that were executed since April 23, 2012, again, focusing only on the stocks I follow.

Filtered Broker Transactions executed from April 23-30, 2012

It is also interesting to look at the historical transactions for the whole month of April. I leave it to the reader to check them out. If you have a COL or a First Metro Sec online trading account, you could easily view these transactions.

I have particularly focused on the Top 5 trading participants because somehow I am confident that their transactions are well thought out, especially if they’re investing tens and hundreds of millions on a company. Also, I only filtered in the transactions done on the stocks I have been tracking since the beginning of the year.

Careful consideration must be exercised in interpreting the data provided. There’s more to trading transactions than meets the eye.

2 comments on “A Brief History: Broker Transactions

  1. newbie
    May 3, 2012

    do brokers transactions influence your trading decisions? when i check out the forums they make such a big deal about what a foreign broker is buying/ selling


    • E
      May 3, 2012

      Most of the time, yes. IMO, when these foreign investors buy huge chunks of shares, it says something about what they know about a company. I take it as a hint that something’s brewing. I hope I make sense. 🙂


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