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Wow. It seems as if all hell broke loose in the last few days inside the PSE.

I have truly and honestly missed looking at the stock charts and updating this blog. I have been away from my hobby since my transfer last May 02. Yes, I have one exciting news: I’ve been transferred to a new department within our research agency; and I’m super happy because research (science) work just got a bit more exciting!

Anyway, I am super thankful to some traders/investors out there who never fail to give me market updates: @jwara, @AgosCapital, @genkumag, to name a few.

I don’t really want to state the obvious but right now, my portfolio is bloody red! Ah, I can only smile! What else can one do, right? 🙂 Still and all, I’ve been very transparent about my opinions on most of the stocks I follow; so, followers of this blog probably already know that… my portfolio is bloody red. Am I worried? Doh. Yes, a bit (about ORE), but *not so much* (about the rest of my positions). If anything, I just feel bad that I am not very liquid these days to go bargain hunting, and bottom fishing. Although, I was able to snack on some OV and UBP shares earlier. In my opinion, the next few days would be very exciting especially for those hunting for bargain stocks.

Meanwhile, trading will be taking a backseat while I get my bearings on these new ventures at work. (Talk about perfect timing… or not..) Besides, I don’t really want to be whipsawed. And since I have not been able to engage myself in some technical analysis of late, I would really just rather wait for the market to recover.

In times like this, I just try to remember this famous WB quote:

Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.

Happy bargain hunting!

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