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Guǐ Yuè

Ghost month is the most dangerous time of the year, and malevolent spirits are on the look out to capture souls. (* To learn more about the ghost month click here.)

Traditionally, most Chinese, including the businessmen, believe that the ghost month is an unfortunate time to start and do business. It is believed that at the beginning of the guǐ yuè, the Gates of Hell are opened sanctioning the guǐ (ghosts) to transpierce the world of the living.

Who wants to “expose” herself to risks believing that the spook has been released to prey over potential victims? Definitely *not* the Chinese.

Thing is, whether we all believe this or not, we are still bound to be affected by guǐ yuè because, well, we are all players in one big market. So, do not be too surprised when transactions on your fave stocks have been thinning out. There is no need to panic though because they are not necessarily nosediving… they are just… boring. Also, it’s still summertime over there on the other side of the globe; our colleagues in the West are most probably still on vacation.

I reckon that this is the time we plan our strategies well and do some stock hunting.

Personally, I have been closely monitoring OV, OPM, and MA/B, to name a few.


P.S. Let’s go PSEi!


One comment on “Guǐ Yuè

  1. AiDz
    August 15, 2012

    yup! likewise, there’s no need to panic during floods as the Philippine equity will be buoyed by surprised and overwhelming corporate earnings! 😉 Go PSEi! Onwards to Philippines 2020! 😀 😀 😀


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