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What’s your bet? $BLOOM

TodayHello, once again. It’s been a while. I have been extra busy with my real job (thank God); and this is why in recent weeks, I have just been on the sidelines — tweeting sporadically about my thoughts and questions on the market. Lurking around for a few weeks now, I noticed that a few stocks have been making the rounds in many trader communities. I thought that I should check them out as some of the them seem extra enticing for me — for medium to long-term hold, or for a quick 10% gain — whichever comes first. I wish I can discuss all of them here, but it’s a Sunday — I’m trying so hard to limit my “study” and technical reading.

I like BLOOM, EDC, and DNL, among other stocks; but for now, allow me to put BLOOM in the spotlight.

Yesterday, the Solaire Resort and Casino — an entertainment and gambling complex debuted in Manila and opened its doors to the public. According to a report published on Bloomberg, Solaire Manila “is designed to get 45% of its revenues from VIPS, or high-stake bettors.” Welcome to Manila, gamblers! 🙂

Enrique Razon, who is the owner of Solaire Manila, controls 80% of Bloombery (BLOOM). This is why many have put their bets on the stock. However, even with the anticipated debut, the stock last Friday closed in the negative at 14.00/sh. Some speculate that this is “due to the consequent expiration of the lock-up period for the [GGAM], which holds 8.7% of BLOOM’s outstanding shares.” I think some people just don’t want to be left out — the closing seemed forced from my POV. Intuition tells me that the “sell-down” is a good sign, and IMO, a good buying opportunity (below 15.00/sh). Moreover, COL’s estimated fair value for the stock is 17.40/sh with a buy recommendation below 15.10/sh.

Gaming in the PH
An investment company forecasts a $3 billion gaming industry expansion for the Philippine casino market by 2015. I am very excited about the future of the gaming industry in the country. I am willing to bet on it.

Bloomberry Resorts Corp

Bloomberry Resorts Corp


Some Mining Industry Update
(from COL, PHILIPPINE EQUITY RESEARCH) dated Friday, 15 March 2013

Government lifts moratorium of new mine exploration.

The government said it will lift its moratorium on new mining applications beginning Monday. The lifting of the moratorium was recommended by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, and approved by the DENR. The change follows a July 2012 presidential order that sought to reconcile regional and national mining rules.

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