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Melaka, Malaysia

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Melaka a.k.a. Malacca is dubbed as Malaysia’s  “Historic State.” It’s a very small state with a very rich Portuguese history. Since the historic core of the city is very small, we were able to cover all of its attractions even if we were only there for two days. We travelled to Melaka from Singapore. We booked our bus tickets from BusOnlineTicket.com and rode with S&S International that departed from Key Point, Singapore. After five hours of travelling by bus, we finally reached the Melaka  Sentral Bus Station. From there, we took another intracity bus to get to the core of the city (distance: ~4.5 km). We took the bus as instructed below.

Walk to the back of Melaka Sentral bus station and you can take a local bus nr.17 all the way to the principal backpackers district. This bus goes to Chinatown and Taming Sari. The closest stop to Chinatown is Dutch Square, which you will easily identify from the brick red Christ Church and Stadthuys; note that nr. 17 is a loop line, so when you need to go back to Melaka Sentral you could take it at the same place where you got off.” [read more]


Note that there are no bus stops in Melaka, so, again, watch out for the brick red Christ Church while you are in the bus as advised. According to online information, the bus ride costs RM1.3/person. It’s been a while so I don’t really remember how much we paid for the fare. Don’t hesitate to ask locals for more instructions and bus timings.


In Melaka, we stayed at the Oriental Riverside Residence, it’s a super budget hostel but the owner was super warm so it was not that bad. The owner helped us organize our trip around the small state. If you plan to visit Melaka, make sure you’re there on a Friday and/or Saturday night for the Night Market. It’s quite festive! I loved the night lights there. 🙂


After Melaka, we took a bus to Kuala Lumpur. Similarly, we booked our bus tickets online at BusOnlineTicket.com. xo

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