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pandas groupby Function


To group data frame elements by column, say group data frame df by Column 1, use

grouped_df = df.groupby("Column 1")

To group by multiple columns, the argument for the `pandas.groupby()` function would now be a list of column names. Note that the order of the column names in the list matters: group by the first element in the list first, then the second, then third, etc. So, if I want to group elements in my df by Column 1 and then by Column 2, the expression is just

grouped_df = df.groupby(["Column 1", "Column 2"])

Accessing the Groups

The groups are identified by keys. To access the groupings by key, you first need to know what the keys are. To do this, just execute the following.

groupings = dict(list(grouped_df))

Once you have the keys, you may already access the group elements. For example, if you want to see the elements under group key1, the statements to use are:

key1 = groupings.keys()[0]
print grouped_df.get_group(key1)

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