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Malformed Database Disk Image

Every now and then, I encounter malformed database disk images, especially with sqlite3 files.

DatabseError: database disk image is malformed

To fix the error, the following methods worked for me. But before anything else, note the following files

  • mydb.sqlite – this is the corrupted database disk image
  • mynew.sqlite – this is the new database file that you have yet to create

First, load the sqlite3 terminal. On the command line, execute

$ sqlite3 mydb.sqlite

This will launch the sqlite prompt.

sqlite> .mode insert
sqlite> .output dump_all.sql
sqlite> .dump
sqlite> .exit

After exiting the sqlite terminal. Run the following code on the Terminal. Note that you are re-entering the sqlite prompt, but this time the argument is the new mynew.sqlite file.

$ sqlite3 mynew.sqlite

sqlite> .read dump_all.sql
sqlite> .exit

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