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Stocks in Focus: DNL, FNI, VITA, BLOOM, LPZ


DNL. Looking good. It’s staying above the trendline support and the MA’s. Volume profile (pink column bars at the right) looking good as well.


FNI. Also, resilient. Hope the 38.2% line holds. Also, volume profile’s encouraging, but risk-reward ratio not very encouraging… unless it convincingly breaks ₱1.10/sh and gains a new support there. I’m accumulating.


VITA. We’re happy we got to ride VITA from around ₱1.80-ish per share all the way to ₱2.82/sh. It’s a good candidate for re-entry, IMO. Position traders, what do you think?


BLOOM. I’ll wait until it forms a good support above 4.76/sh. There are two sets of parameters here. The ones in the first set are generated using the Fibonacci ratios. The second set of lines is more intuition/experience based, 🙂


LPZ. LPZ is a particularly interesting stock. Look at those candlesticks! Long lower shadows! Quite inspiring really, you can’t put a good stock down… okay, let’s see. 🙂

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    October 8, 2016

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