A Byte of my 2.2-lb Brain

Just sharing stuff…

About Me

I’m a physicist by training, a complex systems scientist by profession, and a data hobbyist and amateur stock trader by leisure pursuit.

I am an advocate of investing in the Philippine market, of data-driven policymaking, and of a strong scientific culture.

If you find any of the stuff here interesting, please feel free to shoot me a comment or two below. In general, I like working with people who are critical and have different perspectives than mine and yet not too arrogant to settle between ideas. I am always excited to learn new stuff especially from friends and colleagues. And I definitely like working with creative and constructive individuals who are both happy and secure with themselves and with what they know and ones who definitely know how to have fun!

Again, constructive comments, tips, and whatnot are very much welcome. Finally, as this is a personal blog, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.


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