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Doodling the Pyramid

Exasperating. I received yet another news about a Filipino Community (of OFWs) losing a combined amount of around $1.8 million to a Ponzi scheme. Again. “It’s hard. It’s sad. These … Continue reading

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iGrade and the PSEi

Fitch Ratings on Thursday finally raised its assessment of the Philippines from a BB+ to a BBB- with a positive stable outlook. This is the upgrade we have all been … Continue reading

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What’s your bet? $BLOOM

Hello, once again. It’s been a while. I have been extra busy with my real job (thank God); and this is why in recent weeks, I have just been on … Continue reading

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Some Strategy

Most of the time, I buy a stock based on its potential for growth (not because of some tsupitero’s tsismis or whatnot) — ito iyong sinasabi nilang fundamentals. Personally, the granularity … Continue reading

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Quick Notes: PMINI and PCOMP

So far, it has been such a very good start for the Philippine stock market, hitting eight new highs beginning January 02, 2013. Last Friday, it closed at 6,139.21 pts, +5.64% YTD. … Continue reading

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Doodling a hypothetical financial plan

Tomorrow will be my first day back at work — meaning, back to the real-world. Today, I am aboard a plane bound for Singapore. The flight is approximately 3 hours … Continue reading

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2013 Stock Picks (ANCalerts)

Below, I have summarized some of the stocks recommendations of analysts for 2013. What’s yours? AB Capital Securities analyst: $JGS, $PGOLD, $SECB Campos Lanuza analyst: $PX, $PGOLD, $HLCM COL Financial … Continue reading

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The year that was

Happy New Year, everyone!   On December 28, 2012, our index gained 17.84 points, closing at 5,812.73. The year 2012 had been such a good year for our market, finishing … Continue reading

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Just Sharing

My mom emailed to me a link to the “Stock Market for Pinoys” just now. I haven’t really gone through the more recent posts and archives but it seems like … Continue reading

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Penny Stocks

Such stocks can be highly volatile and subject to manipulation by stock promoters and pump and dump schemes. Such stocks present a high risk for investors, who are often lured … Continue reading

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