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Evolution & Prevalence of Politcal Dynasties in the Philippines

How much of our country will we lose to political dynasties in 2016? After Election Day, will the country be able to reclaim territory from dynasties, or will the bleeding … Continue reading

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D&L Industries, Inc. (DNL)

DNL is one stock that has everyone asking if it has already bottomed out (short-term). Many like the stock as it really hadn’t disappointed investors (not until very recently anyway)—the … Continue reading

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News Frames of the Population Issue in the Philippines

Using automated semantic network analysis, this study examines media framing of the population issue in the Philippines through the different labels used to refer to it in public discourse. The … Continue reading

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Mechanism-based model of a mass rapid transit system: A perspective

In this paper, we discuss our findings on the spatiotemporal dynamics within the mass rapid transit (MRT) system of Singapore. We show that the trip distribution of Origin-Destination (OD) station … Continue reading

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UAAP Season 78 Men’s Basketball: UST vs UP

It was such an exciting and intense match earlier between the UP Fighting Maroons and the UST Growling Tigers. Those of us who could not catch the game live on TV or via the web earlier had to rely on Twitter to follow the game. The game was so intense that #UPFight and #goUSTe were trending on the social media platform.

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Urbanism in the Philippines

Is it possible to just look at the number of tweets per region and infer the population density at that region? Does it make sense to obtain a rough estimate of the GRDP of a locality based on the number of geotagged tweets that fall onto the area?

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Simulating Congestion Dynamics of Train Rapid Transit

Investigating congestion in train rapid transit systems (RTS) in today’s urban cities is a challenge compounded by limited data availability and difficulties in model validation. Here, we integrate information from … Continue reading

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On Centripetal Flows in SF Networks…

We examine the transmission of entities from the peripheries of scale-free networks toward their centers when the nodes of the network have finite processing capabilities. We look at varying network … Continue reading

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Landbased Overseas Filipino Workers

According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) overseas employment statistics, in 2014, around 1.8 million Filipinos were deployed overseas and around 2.4 million (overseas work) contracts were processed. OFWs (and OCWs) … Continue reading

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Critical capacity, travel time delays of rapid mass transit systems

We set up a mechanistic agent-based model of a rapid mass transit system. Using empirical data from Singapore’s unidentifiable smart fare card, we validate our model by reconstructing actual travel … Continue reading

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