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Assessing the Feasibility of Relief Operations

Given the level of risk that we, as a country, are exposed to (e.g. from earthquakes and typhoons), it is easy to see that there is a compelling need for our government to set up effective disaster preparedness and relief response plans, especially considering the fact that we can never be immune to natural disasters.

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Power law mapping in human area perception

We investigate how humans visually perceive and approximate area or space allocation through visual area experiments. The participants are asked to draw a circle concentric to the reference circle on … Continue reading

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News Framing of Population and Family Planning Issues…

News Framing of Population and Family Planning Issues via Syntactic Network Analysis Contentious political debates regarding the issues on population and family planning have been perennial over the past four … Continue reading

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Human’s Intrinsic Biases…

Visual and auditory cues significantly reduce human’s intrinsic biases when tasked to generate a random number sequence Humans are deemed ineffective in generating a seemingly random number sequence primarily because … Continue reading

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