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Earthquake Maps in R

Publishing on GitHub the R code I wrote to visualize an earthquake map, particularly focusing on the disaster event that hit the island province Bohol in 2013.

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DS Specialization Course Projects

R Markdown documents written as requirements for some of the courses in Coursera’s Data Science Specialization programme.

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The 2016 VP Race

We take a peek at the data on the controversial Philippine VP race that prompted many Pinoy academics to download, visualise, and analyse the 2016 election results in the wake of the allegations of systematic cheating

May 20, 2016 · 7 Comments

h2o.ai and Python

One of the awesome things I discovered this year is H2O.ai. According to its homepage, H2O is for data scientists and application developers who need fast, in-memory scalable machine learning … Continue reading

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One of my most favorite functions in [R] is dplyr::mutate(). The dplyr package is a very useful package with functions designed for data manipulation operations. It is also interesting that … Continue reading

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